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NovaStar LP

Manufacturing Chemical Products with Integrity. Trusted Partners in Chemical Manufacturing.
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2104 Mulberry Ln,
Midland, TX 79706

Company Overview:

NovaStar LP is a respected supplier of manufactured and blended high quality chemicals for the energy as well as other industries.

Oil and Gas Production Treating Chemicals
NovaStar offers a broad range of chemicals for the energy industry. Customized products can be blended to meet your specific needs. Product selection and application assistance is available by contacting the NovaStar technical department.

Intermediates and Reacted Products
NovaStar currently has many intermediate and reacted chemical products available for your product formulations. These products are primarily derived through condensation, quaternization, esterification, Mannich, cyclization, and neutralization reactions. Several proprietary intermediate blends are also available.

Custom/Toll Manufacturing and Blending
NovaStar is equipped to meet your customized chemical manufacturing and blending needs. NovaStar has five chemical blending vessels of various sizes which are tasked by product type and one vessel which is certified for blending “Green” products by an auditing firm. NovaStar has six reactor vessels ranging in size from 1000 to 4000 gallons in size. This equipment is supported by a fully staffed laboratory to ensure quality.


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