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Green Stream Solutions LLC

The Chemical Solution for The Oil & Gas Industry
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7941 Katy Freeway, Suite 153,
Houston, TX 77024

Company Overview:

Green Stream Solutions (GSS) is an oilfield chemical manufacturer & supplier specializing in custom chemical blending and product development with an emphasis on “green” environmental friendly solutions. Our products are guaranteed to meet the aggressive timelines & logistic requirements of clients in the energy industry, by offering custom packaging and labeling with onsite deliveries within 72 hours of ordering. GSS is known for offering our clients the most recent cutting edge technology and innovative products. Some of our products were invented and engineered by NASA, making us one of the most trusted companies in the industry.

GSS is a leading Manufacturer of specialty formulas designed for use in the oil field, energy sector, refining space, and industrial realm. GSS specialty products consist of drilling fluids, completion chemicals, production chemicals, water treatment formulas, coil tubing chemicals, pipe on pipe lubes, fluid loss formulations, etc..keeping our green, non toxic, and biodegradable EPA registered alternatives and technologies in mind at all times. GSS' manufactured product line for private labeling and distribution consists of: biocides, friction reducers, lubes, polymers, H2s scavengers, dissolvers, oxygen scavengers, clay stabilizers, buffers, rig wash, gel activator, viscosifiers, acid and corrosion inhibitors, surfactants, emulsifiers, demulsifiers, degreasers, etc..

USA manufacturer of Green Bio Technology Petroleum Remediation Products invented by NASA such as spill kits for on and offshore drilling and loose granular encapsulation products for waterways and soil remediation.




Biocides, Degreasers, Friction Reducers, Polymers