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Copeland International, Inc.

Rebuilt Allison Transmissions - New, Used, and Rebuilt Parts - Service For Allison Transmissions
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7200 Ertel Lane, Houston, TX 77040,

Company Overview:

Copeland International Off Highway Allison Transmissions, based in the Oil Capital of the USA – Houston, Texas, can support your existing Transmission fleet, with complete Re-manufactured / Rebuilt / Refurbished Outright, Exchange and Repair and Return Allison Transmission Service. Whether you operate CLT6061-4, S5610H, S6610H in Drilling Rigs or HT750DRD, CLT5860-4, DP8962 in Well Servicing / Mud Pumps, CLT5860-5 / CLT5960-5 / CLT5861-5 / CLT5961-5 / HT750DRDDDB / CLT754DB / CLT750DB on your Well Service Rigs, Pulling Units, Mobile Drilling Rigs, or Carrier Chassis. Our organization has the capabilities of supplying you with exact match modern updated replacement Allison Transmissions, giving you the best of both worlds – keep your existing product depth without breaking the bank or sacrificing quality.

Allison Transmission CLBT5000, CLBT6000, CLBT700, CLBT4460 Series:
CLBT750, CLBT750DB, CLBT754, CLBT754DB, CLBT755, CLBT755DB, CLBT4460, CLBT4460DB, CLBT4460-1, CLBT4460-2, CLBT4465, CLBT4465-1, CLBT4465-2, CLBT5860, CLBT5860DB, CLBT5860-2, CLBT5860-4, CLBT5860-5, CLBT5860-6, CLBT5861, CLBT5861DB, CLBT5960, CLBT5960DB, CLBT5961, CLBT5961DB, CLBT5961-4, CLBT5961-6, CLBT5962, CLBT5962-4, CLBT5962-6, CLBT5963, CLBT5963-4, CLBT5963-6, CLBT6061, CLBT6061DB, CLBT6061-4, CLBT6061-6, CLBT6062, CLBT6062-4, CLBT6062-6, CLBT6063, CLBT6063-4, CLBT6063-6, CLBT9681

Allison Transmission CLT5000, CLT6000, CLT700, CLT4460 Series:
CLT4460, CLT4460DB, CLT4460-1, CLT4460-2, CLT4465, CLT4465-1, CLT4465-2, CLT5860, CLT5860DB, CLT5860-2, CLT5860-4, CLT5860-5, CLT5860-6, CLT5861, CLT5861DB, CLT5861-2, CLT5861-4, CLT5861-5, CLT5861-6, CLT5960, CLT5960DB, CLT5960-4, CLT5960-6, CLT5961, CLT5961DB, CLT5961-4, CLT5961-6, CLT5962, CLT5962-4, CLT5962-6, CLT5963, CLT5963-4, CLT5963-6, CLT6061, CLT6061DB, CLT6061-4, CLT6061-6, CLT6062, CLT6062-4, CLT6062-6, CLT6063, CLT6063-4, CLT6063-6, CLT750, CLT750DB, CLT754, CLT754DB, CLT755, CLT755DB, CLT9681

Allison Transmission CRT3000, CRT5000 Series:
CRT3331, CRT3331-1, CRT3331-3, CRT3531, CRT3531-1, CRT3531-3, CRT5630, CRT5631, CRT5633
Allison Transmission DP8000 Series:
DP8961, DP8962, DP8963

Allison Transmission H5600, H6600, H8600 Hauling Series:
H5610A, H5610AR, H6610A, H6610AR, H8610A, H8610AR, H6620A, H6620AR, H5620A, H5620AR

Allison Transmission HT700 Series:
HT740, HT750DRD, HT750CRD, HT754CRD, HT750DRDB, HT754, HT754DRD, HT754DRDDB

Allison Transmission M5600, M6600, M9600, M9800 Mobile Series:
M5600, M5600A, M5600AR, M5610, M5610A, M5610AR, M6600, M6600A,
M6600AR, M6610, M6610A, M6610AR, M6620A, M6620AR, M6620H, M6620M M8610A, M9600, M9600A, M9600AR, M9610A, M9610AR, M6620, M6620H, M5620, M5620H, M5620DB, M6620DB, M6610DB, M5610DB, M6600DB, M5600DB

Allison Transmission S5600, S6600, S8600, S9600 Stationary Series:
S5600, S5600H, S5610, S5610H, S6600, S6600H, S6610, S6610H, S8610M, S6620, S6620H, S5620H, S5620, S6620HR, S6620M, S5620HR, S5620M, S6620AR, S5620AR

Allison Transmission TG Series:
TG 602, TG603, TG604, TG617, TG627, TG637, TG647

Allison Transmission Torque Converter TC Series:
TC400, TC500, TC800, TC900, TC845, TC855, TC945, TC955, TC840, TC850, TC940, TC950, TC530, TC540, TC550, TC560, TC570, TC580, TC535, TC534, TC544, TC545, TC564, TC565, TC555, TC554, TC574, TC575, TC584, TC585, TC430, TC450, TC470, TC434, TC435, TC454, TC455, TC474, TC475, TCDOA, TCD, TCDO

Allison Transmission 4700OFS, 4500OFS, 4750OFS oilfield psecial OFS series:
4700OFS, 4750OFS, 4500OFS, 4700, 4500, oilfield special transmissions


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